Hello My Geeky Brethren. It is I, the Eccentric Arekey, back again for another Month, to tell all yall out there in Nerdom, what I have discovered in the month of January.
After the lack luster, December, Its good to have more then 5 options to choose from again, and that’s also sad, because I wont be able to talk about them all.
Besides that, here are a few that didn’t make the list.
First, we have the beginning Episode of Riverdale. As I write this, the 2nd episode of this show sits on my DVR, so as you can imagine, there isn’t much to talk about. It was an Intriguing Episode, with the whole Archie and Gang, along with Josie and her Pussy Cats. Only things I have to say at this point, is why is Ms. Grundy so got dang HAWT!, and will Sabrina be joining the cast down the line.
Other things that need mentioning, are animated.
First, Lego Batman the Movie is in Theaters… and I wont be watching it… not ever… no… ill wait until it hits Cable.
I mean… its Legos. A great Franchise, but not worth the “fitty beans” it costs my fam to go to the big screen.
Speaking of Cartoons, Avengers and Spiderman, had epic Season Finales. I didn’t know Ultron was hiding out as a human, but…that’s nothing compared to Spidey leading all three Ultimate Spiderman teams to face off against Ock and his Sinister Six team. Yes..thats the original crew, the Web Warriors, and the Recruits.
Steven Universe, and Adventure Time have both returned, but we will get to that possibly, next month. Now, we get on to the list.

5. Regular Show.

Regular Show


After 13 Seasons, Rigby, and Mordecai have comes to a close… it’s been a wild ride. The thing that sets the Regular Show aside, is that these characters grew as the show progressed. All the characters. Even secondary, and lower tier characters, all grew.
This is a show, that was capable of grabbing your emotions, and even gave answers to real life problems, while keeping the fantastical nature of a cartoon.
Ill miss this show… Every Character… Even Muscle Man…. Especially Muscle Man.

4. Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2.

Voltron team


Now, I need Cable… but Voltron, is just another of the dozens of reasons why Netflix is necessary in this here Nerd World. If you didn’t see Season 1, or didn’t know that Voltron has returned, with a brand new Original Updated Version of the Battle against the Evil Galra Empire, then now.. stop reading and go Marathon it. Like right now… stop it. Come back when your done and finish this blog… ill wait.

Ok.. so you watched it. You loved it didn’t you? You cant believe you missed such an excellent, well done Animation such as this? Yea… I knew it.


3. The boys have returned. Supernatural.



Listen.. im gonna watch this show until they end it. They cant do know wrong. Dean is just amazing. The show, is still just Amazing. AND THE MOM IS ALIVE! How awesome is that! And its like, the feel you had when they were out huntin with Daddy all them seasons ago. They out hunting now, instead of trying to save the world from Lucifer, or his Aunt.. or some demonic thing trapped for blah, blah.. yea.. just monsters. Love it. Haha.. and there Pet Angel too.
all though, with everyone coming back from the dead every other season, ect… why cant we get Bobby Back?
R.I.P. bro…. again… R.I.P.


2. The DC Shows Return.

DC TV shows


Now, Supergirl is still spectacular, and Arrow is almost interesting again… oh, and the Flash is always phenomenal… but DC Legends, has become sooo awesome. Especially… HEATWAVE! Now, that is odd… season 1, Captain Cold made the show, and now, season 2, its heatwave… I wonder what that means for the Legends, when Prison Break returns.
Hopefully nothing. Heatwave, is the best thing on a show, that includes Ray Palmer, and Rory Pond..er…um… Rip Hunter.
Wonder whats gonna happen when the team heads back to hang with Ol Georgie Washington.


1. Emerald City.

Emerald City

What can I say? I love Oz.. I love everything about Oz. I loved the original, the sequel, and even James Franco’s odd thing. Then this happened. Dorthy, a nurse, who doesn’t know much about her birth mother, gets shot at by a cop before a tornado kills him. She hops in his car, to save herself, and her, and the police dog, end up in Oz.
That’s the beginning. This isn’t your grammas Oz ether.. the witches who once ruled, are now ruled by the Wizard, who may or may not be a bad guy. Opiates run wild, and Magic is illegal. So far, we can deduce the Scarecrow is the Guard who lost his memory, and the Tinman, is a boy, who was killed by his best friend, who was a boy, and now is a girl after stopping her meds.
The Cast is all excellent, but they all pale compared to the performance of the Wizard, played by his awesomeness, Vincent D’onofrio. Is it as good as his Kingpin? Time will tell, but its on the same path id say. Seriously folks… if you haven’t watched it, and you like the Wizard of Oz, give this a try. Remember it’s a retelling. Open Mind cliché and all.

Well folks, that’s the end of this month… its been a great month, with beginnings and endings.
Now I have one more thing to say, Seth Rogan…. NO!