Hello Nerds, and Geeks across the planes of existence, it is I, Arekey, and here in this forum, I speak. I speak about everything, and anything that makes its way pass my ever growing consciousness, assimilating it, and feeding you all my eccentric opinion… my boss here, has been waiting ever so patiently for me to find my ideas, and discover my “nitch” here…. and finally, after like a year, since my last blog, ive gotten away to express myself onto yall out there in geekdom.
“Arekey Speaks, about October.” yea… its a working title, but, it sends the message… this is my top 5 most important things I witnessed in October… and that’s not counting the tangents I’m sure I’m about to spew out… see… I’m not a planning kinda person when it comes to these things… its much better to run off at the mouth, then to bite off more then one can chew.
SO lets get this shit going… lets start with….
Honorable Mention…. Now with, all the CW shows back, and SciFi, and Zombies, and ect… all the nerd stuff out there going on…and I’m choosing only one honorable mention… and it was 60% Commercials…. You see, one Day, I came home and noticed on my DVR list,… New DOCTOR WHO! WHAT!… I mean, I know Moffet and the good Doc, are planning on returning when they drop the Christmas Special.. so what could this be!!! I’m so happy, I call the family in for this wondrous surprise…here we sat, Wife, son, and myself…whovians all around…. and I click play… on a 5 minute spot.. a commercial, a trailer, a preview of the upcoming season… and after almost 2 minutes… it gave me over 3 minutes of crap.
Still tho… hearing Peter Capaldi talk…. worth it.
ok.. now, the actual list.


Superman and Supergirl
Now, we can argue all day about who is more “Super” then who… and Chris Reeves, will be brought up more often then not… but the past is past, and now is now… and Supergirl has a Superman more Super then Cavill…yes, Tyler Hoechlin batted 1000, and knocked the Iconic Role out the park… poor Brandon, but hes a better Palmer anyhow. SO like I said, Tyler is awesome… and Supergirl is that much better for it.

4.The Walking Dead returns…

walking dead returns

And I don’t mean Glen. I mean Z NATION!!! I don’t know why all yall like TWD. to me, its sooooo slow… 10-13 episodes… its like a soap opera with an occasional zombie… my opinion… but, Z Nation!!! WOW… exciting action, new stories, never done before.. like for instance ZOMBIE POT PLANT MONSTERS!!! yep.. no where else you finding nothin like that… You keep your Carl… ill keep 10K counting, Doc a smoking, and Citizen Z..playing ALLLLL the HITS!!!

3.Robbie Rayes wants Vengeance.

ghost rider burning face
I’m one of the few people who loved the Ghost Rider movies. 2 better then 1…but lets skip down into Comics for a minute… Johnny Blaze was, and is the Ghost Rider. nothing can compare to him… So many good storys.. so many insane monsters…. hell…I liked Danny Ketch… until he went all wrong. I mean Johnny’s long lost adopted brother? Is this Days of our lives the brimstone saga? So..yea… I faded back after all that, and because of that, I didn’t collect any of the Secret Wars Ghost Races. That said… Robbie Rayes makes me believe he has Zarathos in him. makes me believe hes trying to control the uncontrollable. Sorry Nick Cage…. you go back a seat.

2.The Death of Angel.

vampire Strain
Wheres my Strain fans at? This…this right here… this is how Vampires should be shown… unholy hell… and everytime they figure out an answer… they get bitten by a dozen more questions…. and when Angel got bit… and he stayed behind to give Gus a chance to escape… wow… powerful stuff… and NY fell….

1.You Like Coffee?

Luke Cage bullet proof
Netflix has the comicbook answers…. Gotham and Agents of Shield, might not be on point like the CW… but they aint up to par with Netflix… and that brings me to Luke Cage. Now… as for season 1s of Netflix’s Marvel shows… Luke is leaps and bounds my favorite… the realism, and the fantasy blend together well, and as a NY State born person, who has spent some bits and ticks in NYC, I felt like I was actually there in Harlem.
(I said Season 1… because Daredevil Season 2, with Elecktra, Kingpin, Gang on Gang, and a Punisher Hat Trick…Netflix made a 13 episode Blockbuster Movie…on par with Cap 3, or Marvels Avengers.)

If you haven’t scene this show yet… or DD, or Jessica Jones… then get on it. Seriously… you a geek? a Nerd? a Comic Fan? and you haven’t scene it yet… get on it…show the ones you love, before someone else does, and offers them Coffee.
So… this is it Folks… my first installment of Arekey’s Month in Review. Obviously, we got Dr. Strange to look Forward to next month, and Supernatural is heating up lovely… So until Next month, I say to Seth Rogan…NO!