Ladies, and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. People of all ages, races, and planetary alignments, it is I, the great and powerful Arekey, whom has decided in this Blog…instead of Writing about December in Review, (which only a few things happened, and they all less then the Release of Star Wars Rouge One….like…less…so much less….so, so much less.) Ive decided to do the year in review of the Television Shows, that I watched, or in some cases, tried to watch. Yes Folks… its the top 25 Nerdism Shows of 2016.
First though… let me just say the passing of Carrie Fisher, has hurt many people over the planet…I haven’t yet, begun to fathom the world without her in it. Makes me want to rewatch Roseanne’s Comedy roast, just to see Carries humor again.
So everyone stop for a second… and take a moment of silence… then finish reading…..

25.DR. WHO.

Dr Who

Now… Dr.Who, is the last on the list…. why, would a fantastic show, that has been on the air for decades be last? well… because the only thing Dr. Who did since 2015’s Christmas Special, was 2016’s Christmas Special. Now, I find out that the rest of the Season, that should be with the Christmas Special isn’t coming until April? WTF BBC!!!!! got to say, Moffet, better have something special coming, making us wait forever for his, and Peter Capaldi’s last season.



OMG…. did anyone watch this train wreck? well… I tried… I wanted to see Jessie, I wanted to see Cassidy, I wanted Saint of Killers! Instead… I got Uncle Rico, showing us a Napoleon Dynamite Prequel. like…Gosh!!! Preacher took my vote for Pedro… I don’t know if its cancelled or not…cause after 4 episodes, I was out.. if I do a year and review next year, be assured I wont be adding this to it. Sorry Arseface.

23.American Horror Story.

American Horror Story

ok… I didn’t see Asylum…I didn’t see Murder World… I started watching in season 3, with Coven… a Season, I think I like… I’m still not sure, if it was good or not. No idea.
Then, Season 4 came, and I attempted to watch the Freakshow.. a season, that was said to us, we would get a better clown, then Pennywise. Well..we didn’t…in fact… I didn’t watch the whole season. was horrible. my opinion I know, but… hell.. even Michael Chicklas was lack luster. maybe he was phoning it in, being a husband who cheated on his chick with a dick, with a dude with one.
but then… Hotel… Wow…such beauty, that story came together so brilliantly…it was like, season 4 was imagined, and 3 was better then I thought. Lady Gaga, and the regular cast was just incredible.
So, with Hotel being so awesome, maybe that’s why I couldn’t get into Roanoke… I did stick it out for the whole season.. but… well… at least it was better then Freakshow…but not better then the rest of my list.

22.Sleepy Hollow.

Sleep Hollow

Gotta Say, with a new episode of this show sitting on my hard drive right now, that I am shocked. I was sure this show was cancelled. Its got such good chemistry. but what the hell is going on with the plot? seams each season, hell. sometime a few times in a season, they just go back to the story boards and begin the story anew. I’m hoping, when I start this new season, it will be continued from last season, and not a brand new thing…again.



I WANT TO LOVE THIS SHOW! Its like Quantum Leap, and Sliders, only inside the brain of dead person. My problems with this show though, are A. I think its on the wrong channel. I think someplace better then Freeform would fit it better. B. its dragging along. 21 episodes of this show, and they have barely moved Kristen’s story along. What worked for XFiles, wont work for everyone.



Now, if you haven’t watched this show, get the kids together, start with the movies, and get ready for some wholesome fun. Also, you get Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, and of course Noah…. and, you get to see Jane Curtain, like once a season. Now.. sadly, they seam to want to keep the 2 hour movie feel in the 1 hour episode delivery… it all seamed pushed now.. but still.. its a good show.



This is another show I assumed was cancelled. but then I found its just a spring debut for its new season, and I was happy. I mean.. its a great way to bring in the next generation of nerds and geeks.. and it has the CW love crap, that the CW network love so much. If it had less…id of given it a higher spot.

18.Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon a Time

Now, if I had done this last year, or the year before, id have given them a higher rating. but… over time, Emma and the Fairy Tale people have gone from awesome, to mediocre. Seriously…. how do you go from Peter Pan is actually a kid thief, to Emma as the Black Swan, to… splinting the Queen in half. and bring back the Evil Queen… and poor Henry… every season, he has less of a role, and more of a nose, and if I have to hear Charming and Snow talk about true love again, I’m gonna lose my nut! Honestly…. the only reason it isn’t lower, is because Mr.Gold is still as awesome as ever!

17.Agents of Shield.

Agents of SHIELD

Now, many people talk shit about AoS, and I’m about be one of them, even though ive been a supporter since Coulson first picked up Ward. but over time… it seams, they haven’t really gotten any better… Fitz, and Simmons are the reason I still watch the show… and the toung in cheek humor, like Coulson telling Daisy she should be director, and her replying, “maybe in a comicbook” however… the Ghost Rider part was just awesome. and, if they link with the Inhumans, then maybe we will see more seasons, and not a big fat CANCELLED.

16.Dark Matter.

Dark Matter

Now, the first season of this show was odd…you have these 6 characters who are named 1-6, and don’t remember they are killers. Now Season 2, is fantastic! It went from slow, with a find the foot feel, to wanted killers, trying to fix mistakes they made..only they still have secrets…and…Wil Weaton shows up from time to time.

15.Jessica Jones.

Jessica Jones

I am not on the bandwagon like everyone else. Best Show Ever? no…Great Show though? yes. Jessica is boring. She is surrounded by Exciting characters, from Luke, to Hellcat, hell even the token cop. oh..and especially, Purple Man. Kilgrave is the most awesome villain in ALL of MARVEL. Don’t give me wrong.. Kristin Ritter is beautiful… but is she Jones? lets see in season 2, if she gets better.

Ok.. lets pause a second, and say all the Comic Cartoons out there are excellent… if your children, (or you, no judgment) are not watching Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Guardians, they really should… oh and even Teen Titans Go, is a first step for a toddler to become a Geek…
But, the best of all the shows..isn’t really a comic.. well it is now, but the Show came first… Steven Universe. This cartoon, will make the coldest of human feel something.

14.Winona Earp.

Winona Earp

Winona Earp, is the first western show ive watched in ages. and adding in Demons, and the Earp legacy, we get one hell of a show. It was only one season, so I expect season 2 will be a superior addition, as the actors grow into the characters. My favorite character is Waverly. She will be the glue to hold the show together, in the spirit of Chloe Sullivan, and Willow Rosenberg.

13.DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1, was exciting… Rip and the Gang moved threw time, to stop Savage, and in the end, Captain Cold gives his life to save the universe.
then we get season 2.. that has just been all over the place…and no Rip Hunter. RORY!!! WHERE ARE YOU! but..even with the sporadic nature Season 2 has given us..and the flash/arrow villain cast off trifecta, the shows characters have gotten better. Especially Heatwave. Him, and Atom’s interactions have been great. Also, out of all the CW Comicshows.. its the one with the least love story crap.



If there is one thing I want to say about Arrow first…THANK THE GODS!!! FELICITY HAS STOPPED WEINING! ugg… it was every episode. No Oliver.. don’t do what I told you to do! Its because I love you, that I cant love you. STOP! just… ugg…stop… besides that tho… Arrow has gotten better this season. I’m loving the crew.. even loving Artemis turning bad. bet she ends up back to good by the end of the season. It does suck seeing Speedy not being in gear with the crew anymore. Thea is my personal favorite character.



This…omg…this… what a great movie! I know..its not a movie… but, you can easily, marathon this show, and end up with the Movie feel… its a small crew, but they all serve a purpose. I will say, I don’t think you can start from the beginning of season 3… so much information is packed into these episodes, that missing one, might hurt your enjoyment.
Oh! and you get one of the Astin Twins.



Ive used the Mad Hatter, as my picture for Gotham, because he is the best villain in this show, since they waved a piece of joker cheese in front of our noses, and then said NO…bold!
Gordon is just great..bullock is just great… if your not watching this because its not about Batman, then suck it up buttercups! you cant have your cake and eat it too.
Its not about Batman.. tho the antics of Bruce, and Selina, and the teen angst back story is marvelous… but they are the back story. This show would be so much better, if only people would stop wanting the Bat.

9.Luke Cage.

Luke Cage

Now, you may have read my previous blog, where I spoke about Luke Cage. And I stand by everything ive said there. Luke Cage is a good show, and a fantastic addition to the Marvel Netflix Family. Cotton Mouth, Diamond Back, Night Nurse… all of them, just… awesome.. I seriously can not say anything bad about this show. not one bad word. period.



Let me just say I frikken love this show. frikken love it to pieces. First, leaving NBC was the greatest decision Supergirl ever got. second, adding Superman as a background character was also a great decision. Everything about it is just great….well……except… why is Supergirls sister getting 15plus minutes an episode, devoted to her lesbian relationship.
Oh… and who ever thought it was a good idea to put Jimmy Ol…er..excuse me…JAMES Olson, in a supersuit, was just… someone should smack that person with a tied up chunk of raw spaghetti.

7.Stranger Things.

Stranger Things

This show, is just a great thing…. 4 kids,….5 kids, get together, and save the town from other dimensional threats. Oh, and the 80s feel, vibe, and imagery, is just amazing. I don’t know anyone who hates this show. If you are reading this and aint down with 11, and the gang comment and let me know. betcha no one hates this show… oh! and its good to see Winona Ryder back on the tv.


The Flash

Want to give a round of applause to the people at DCTV. Flash maybe the spin off, but its the corner stone of the DCTVU. Flash, travels thru time, and resets the other shows. (most notably, Sarah Diggle, becoming John Jr.)
The team here is just perfect. Vibe, Frost, HR, the Wests…all work so well together. Speaking of the Wests… Iris is a strong ass bitch. lol. punchin out Wally with one blow.
Zoom, Reverse Flash, Servator, Alchemy, are just a few of the great names that have come to the flash… and we get to see Mark hammil every so often as the Trickster.


DareDevil Punisher

We could talk about the awesome first season, with DD becoming the hero, and Kingpin, becoming the Villain… but not season 1, that aired in 2016… it was season 2… and that…. that brought us the Punisher. well… and some Kingpin, and some Irish Gang Violence, and Elektra, and Stick.
I have to say it again.. if you are not watching Netflix’s Marvel Programs, you are sadly losing some awesome Marvel Programming, and should maybe think about turning in your nerd card. I also have to say again… Punisher. Arguably the best Punisher rendition on the screen ever… right up there with War Zone.

4.Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

We now have our final 4 Shows, and that begins with Game of Thrones. Let me start with ive never read the books. I’m Sure they are excellent, and some day, when the show ends, ill give them a go. Until then… How fucking Cool is Jon Snow! honestly… yea… you get to see Dragon Mother blondie nude once a season, but… omg! that battle in the end of this past season! the Forces of the North proved that good flourishes in the ice.
This Show, proves Starks can be even cooler then Tony.

3.12 Monkeys.

12 Monkeys

Now forget the movie. forget Brad Pitt, and Bruce Willis. This isn’t about them at all… now I can talk about the Time Travel, I can talk about the constant Paradox, and Quantum Mechanics… but… they are not the reason to watch this show… you should watch this show, because of Jenny Goines. she…gave Crazy a name.

2.The Strain.

The Strain

this show, just keeps getting better. Season after Season. The Characters, from Eph, to Setrakian, all have a purpose. One of the most well written shows in ages. I cant wait for the next season of the show, to find out what that bitch is gonna do with Ephs kid. Like I said in a previous blog… when Angel gave his life to save Gus… it was… ok.. done with this one. sad….

Before I talk about the number 1 show, here are a few that didn’t make the list. Like Lucifer, and the Magicians… I’m sorry for both these shows, aswell, as Colony, and Van Helsing. I Cant watch you all, and those are just on at all the wrong times for me.
Also, the Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead are boring. They are just boring. ive tried. I’m done. Sorry to those that watch them, but I think id rather watch Preacher.
Also, Supernatural didn’t make this list, but not because it doesn’t deserve to be on it.. but after 11 years, what else could join Supernatural on such a list? Smallville? Buffy? I know I will follow Dean and Sam, aslong as Kripke keeps making shows.

Now Finally…. Arekeys Number 1 Show of 2016…..

1.Z Nation.

Z Nation

Ive said this before, and ill say it again, what a FUCKING AWESOME SHOW! ive all ready talked about 10K, and Doc… but they are just a part of this show. We also have the Murphy. A Zombie/Human hybrid. you got Citizen Z, and his eskimo girlfriend, playing the hits, and Zombie Pot Plant Monsters.
Yep. Marawana Plants, that have become Zombies. Smoke that up Hippies! lol. No Seriously. there is a story too. Besides the Murphys blue Daughter, there are also secret Rich People in a bunker, trying to control whats left… its a fantastic show, in the spirit of Zombieland.

Ok by nerdy friends, and geek family… I am done with this months Extended Blog. I end this right now with one more thing… Seth Rogan… NO!