by Kurt Vonnegut

Let me begin by talking a little bit about my history with this story. I have never read this book before. My only experience was with the movie. I’ve watched that movie a few times, and while being Avant Garde, the movie has never really made much sense to me. The thing that made no sense to me as a child was the movement through time. I didn’t understand it. As an adult a diving deep into the book it is all too clear what is happening. And I am now a fan!

So the story is about Billy Pilgrim and his life and death, so it goes. And through this journey we come across aliens and other events that form this man. A lot of it takes place during the Second World War. One thing Vonnegut does is transposes some of his life events into the story. This begins to blur that line of non-fiction and fiction. And brings some validity to the events he is telling.

The Tralfamadorians, the aliens, abduct Billy and put him in a zoo. During this time Billy learns about a fourth dimension, which is time’s relationship with the universe. And by learning this he is able to go to different points in his life and yes, even his death, so it goes. This concept was endlessly fascinating. I started thinking back on my life at various points. And it made me almost wish I had this knowledge or power if you will.

I find it a bit difficult to write about this book. It really needs to be experienced for each individual. I never knew the power that this story had. There is humor, sadness, life and death. So it goes. The writing is really good. Vonnegut has a way of being self-effacing and humble. This ability really draws the reader in and makes you understand and know these characters. I suggest that everyone give this book a go. I felt for a long time that this wouldn’t interest me. I was wrong; this work of Science Fiction was very impactful!