As Shane has been a fantastic friend for so many years and he wanted me to contribute to his blog, I thought I’d start with one of my strongest and fondest memories of 1980’s Cartoons.


I can only assume that I saw most of this show when I was too young to really comprehend much of it. I believe all of the moments that stayed with me are all contained within the opening credits… oh, and the sequence that always preceded them splitting off into individual transportation. The one that made you wish your house had a button that, when you pressed it, you would fall through a secret panel in your bedroom wall and slide down some tunnel and land in the seat of your car fully clothed and dressed for action.


There is something to be said for the brief period of time we all share, where we believe that magic happens and things that convert into other things are awesome and that when the adults all go off to do the heavy lifting, it is perfectly acceptable to leave a small child to fly the plane.


Sadly, it disappeared from the 4 TV channels of our youth at some point and I forgot all but the strongest shadows of its imagery. I’d spent many years of half wondering what the hell it was called again, but not enough to bother asking around about it (and face facts Search engines were primitive in 1994, so you didn’t instantly know everything all the time). One day I over heard the words “G-force” and “Phoenix” while studying in the uni library. It was like a matrix moment where I suddenly knew Kung Fu. After years of half wondering what the hell that show was called suddenly I knew again. My years without “Battle of the Planets” were over.



And look how cool these guys were, even today they look like the white guy all Japanese teenagers are trying to look like.

They are available on Dvd these days and somehow manage to make way less sense than Pokemon.