I apologise… I appear to have blogged about a Disney cartoon…
Not really much to say about this one… other than I remember the show existed.

Gummiberry Juice

Their secret power was the fabled Gummiberry Juice, which if you ask me is a fairly lame superpower. Magic potion… awesome… Asterix nailed that concept.
You couldn’t ask for more child friendly entertainment than beating the living bejesus out of an entire army of “Sergeant Schultz”-level inept Romans (Maybe Asterix is why I secretly hate Italians… secretly), but to rely on a magic potion to enable you to bounce?… Seriously?
I can’t help, but just imagine that the writers every week had to sit in a room and dream up a new situation that could be solved by bouncing… or drama that could unfold from a character not being able to bounce (until problem is resolved somehow and everyone bounces to safety).
The image this conjures up for me is some poor Harvard educated writer waking up every morning and while crying, placing the barrel of a gun in his mouth, before pulling himself together and going to work for the day to create another nonsensical Disney classic.
No wait I tell a lie (I just rewatched the opening theme song)…

I forgot about the underground roller coaster thing.

The QuickCar

The QuickCar… (You have no idea how long it took me to work out that is what it was called, it was like using a dictionary to find a word that you can’t remember, but you have no idea where to look, because you can’t remember the word)… and it’s use through the QuickTunnels (personally I think they missed a brillant Quik cross-promotion opportunity with Nestle, but I’m not in advertising so what would I know, except now’s it’s Nesquik, because people like to ruin everything that is cool).
The Quikcar (I’m instigating the cross-promotion… just in case) combined a handful of the most amazing things and jammed them together in a an awesome super cool sundae of Wow. It was a roller coaster… It was underground – so it was like the mine car scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom… it was a car – so I can only imagine Gruffi Gummi would use it to cruise for chicks when everyone else wasn’t using it (Seriously, that dude needed to get some – why else would he be cranky?)
The Quikcar was right up there as a magic portal for me as a kid… actually come to think of it there were other tunnels and spring loaded contraptions in that show that just really grabbed hold of the imagination of a mechanically minded child.
Oh yeah, the other thing about all these underground tunnels and secret tunnel exits… Continuity… or lack there of… I swear that I’d be sitting watching the Tv thinking… “Hang on, they turned left twice and now they come out behind the tree? I am lost and confused”… I may have had a problem… if an over-active sense of spacial awareness is a problem… or maybe I just panicked… or I was suffering what Airpline pilots call “The Leans
So to round it out, I now imagine that the guy worried about having to come up with another “Bouncing saves the day” storyline would quickly remember all about the QuikCar… Highfive himself due to the Awesome… and then go about his day with a spring in his step… smiling.
Interesting foot note to this one… Apparently The first episode of Gummi Bears aired in the US the same day as the first episode of The Wuzzles, also a Disney creation. This is not in the least bit interesting, if it wasn’t for the fact that it probably prepared an entire generation for the introduction of LSD into their lives once they hit high school. In hindsight, the concept is genuinely that weird.