I just bought the series box set of the 80’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon.  I had totally forgotten how at the end of each episode the moral of the story is explained to the viewer

I also purchased the box set of She-Ra while I was buying the He-Man set to which I’m happy to say, my 6 year old niece loves it.

I must admit, animation has come a long way since the 80’s, but they don’t make it like this anymore, even as a man in his 30’s I can still sit down with my niece and enjoy a nostalgic episode or 2 of He-Man


He-Man is gold just for the fact that his secret identity is worse then Superman’s, I mean Prince Adam doesn’t even wear glasses, all he really does is take off his clothes and puts on a pair of fur underpants and wula! He-Man disguise.  I wonder if all the citizens of Eternia have this issue with recognising each other once they take their shirt off; must make going to the beach chaos for Eternians.

I do remember loving the He-Man toys and we all had one kid on our street growing up, the one who had all the toys, I know I did.   I used to spend hours playing at Anthony’s house at the end of the street.  His parents bought him everything, his room and backyard were He-Man heaven.   One of our favourite games was taking He-Man action figures, tying plastic shopping bags too them and throwing them up in the air so they parachuted down.  I remember getting detention in primary school for climbing onto the school roof to rescue one of our Eternian thrill seekers.

And come on, admit it, who hasn’t held a sword of some sort, be it a toy or even just a stick you were pretending is a sword, above their head and say “By the Power of Grayskull…. I have the power!”