After a harsh break up, K’s friend insists he join the  dating site “Lovebug”. (Based on OK Cupid. The colors used in the book even reflect the color scheme of the actual website.) He does so reluctantly on a mission to find a new mate. But things quickly take a dangerous turn and become an ultimate superficial journey into sexual conquest.
This book is based on actual events. And the story is an extrodinary social commentary on the current state of dating. Characters K encounters fit into the multitude of what you not MAY, but WILL come across when dating online.
From this we can see how the wrong approach to online dating can lead to a very negative outcome. And how easily focus of the initial goal to finding a mate can be lost in the confusion of dealing with multiple partners at once.
From this point on we go into SPOILER TERRITORY!!! You were warned.
His 1st date is very hostile and jaded toward dating. Her mindset isn’t really in it at that point. Her goal isn’t to find a mate. It’s simply to go on the date. She’s going through the motions. She even goes as far to make assumptions of what K’s intentions are, without really giving things a chance. The behavior is almost self destructive. In a way she’s a preview of what K will become. K ends the date thinking to himself, “Why would anyone like that be on a dating site?” This becomes ironic later.
Quickly we see K go on multiple dates. His goal goes from “finding a mate”, to “how many times can I get laid?” He gets so caught up in the sexual conquest aspect of dating, that he dismisses a good match to continue seeing others.
Not until he goes out in a drunken stupor and treats his date horribly, does he realize he’s gone full circle. He’s become what his first date was. Hostile and jaded. He then sees the error of his ways and returns to seeking an exclusive relationship.
K character changes throughout the story. There are times you’ll like him. And times you’ll hate him. But in the end he learns a valuable lesson. One we can all learn from.
I enjoyed the art style. And the story was told very well. The ending did feel a bit rushed, but the point came across very clearly. I give the book 4/5 stars. (With a better played out ending it would earn a 5th star. lol) I recommend it. It’s worth the read.