The Mighty Captain Marvel is most probably the most predictable of all superheroes. Her headstrong full head-on attitude has been her strength, but also her weakness, to the point that I’ve seen it cause trouble again and again. This is about to become another problem now that we have the new issue of Marvel’s The Mighty Captain Marvel, and it doesn’t help that Carol Danvers is still her old hard-headed self.

Margaret Stohl’s new offering of Captain Marvel’s exploits puts us in New York where Carol Danvers complains about a cheesy drama sequel that they use to fund Alpha Flight when she receives a call from the President about an incident involving what seems to be the Army Rangers attacking an alien refugee camp and taking a Kree girl hostage. Captain Marvel blitzes to the rescue and discovers the assailant to be a shapeshifting bounty hunter, successfully repelling him while following the pod that contained the Kree girl. After securing the hostage in the Alpha Flight base, an argument ensues between Danvers and the superhero council that keeps tabs of Alpha Flight’s actions and her positions in the incoming alien refugees from the potential Chitauri invasion. After the talks break down, we see the shapeshifter’s visage, copying Captain Marvel.


Ramon Rosanas has perfectly rendered Carol Danvers from head to toe. I can clearly see her discontent and her rage, her surprised look and her smile. Together with Michael Garland’s colors, it makes Captain Marvel pop out with every page, in contrast to the subtle brown hues that are used for the distressed background. My problem solely stays on the story telling that Stohl did for this specific issue.

Stohl made an opening too cold that you can shame a popsicle with it. I understand the idea of a cold open that moves to a mysterious scheme and then to hot action, but this first issue is too cold even for someone like me who loved the cold open of the new Star-Lord. The release basically opens with a totally unrelated side note that is the “Cap’n Marvel” drama serial, which is there to just annoy the heck out of Danvers. I’m not even sure if this is what she got after talking to the POTUS at the end of Civil War II.  Captain Marvel is also written off to be unassumingly straightforward in her attitude of saving people that she doesn’t even question the intent behind the hostage taking. Her single-minded attitude is what will get her in trouble again, much like what happened to the Civil War she instigated.


The Mighty Captain Marvel is understandably a work in progress. The story would still unfold, and I’ll hold all my judgments until I see the next chapters over the coming months. This doesn’t mean that the story started on the right foot though. With a first issue too bland for me to even care about and a villain that seem to be too easy for the Captain to handle, I’ve got a feeling that Carol will not be fighting someone major, but just be in conflict with her own morals and naivety that she’ll be exposed by the antagonist one way or another. I hope I’m wrong.