The upcoming Secret Empire crossover got my blood boiling and ready for the most catastrophic Marvel event since the Secret Wars. Emotionally fueled by Civil War II, I’m expecting a lot from this rumored 9-issue fare, hoping that all the rage-filled investment I have of Captain America’s BS character overhaul will pay off. I just want to see this until the very end.

In an ABC News exclusive, Nick Spencer, in charge of the two current Captain America iterations, confirmed that he will pen Secret Empire, together with a big rotation of artists at his disposal like Civil War’s Steve McNiven and Old Man Logan’s Andrea Sorrentino, so we’re all set in the personnel side of the story.  I’ve seen the planned cover art for the first issue and it fully looks like a classic Marvel cover.

Now that Hydra double-agent Steve Rogers has been sworn in as he new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra’s takeover of the US is in full swing. “His plans and Hydra’s plans will have begun to unfurl,” said Executive Editor Tom Brevoort to ABC News. “We are done with the covert portion; the buildup portion of the program, Secret Empire is the pyrotechnics, the big Michael Bay blockbuster, huge colossal struggles and battles across the Marvel Universe, with all of our key characters and players taking on a big role.”

secret empire interior


Tom also said that Secret Empire #0 will feature the “worst day of the Marvel Universe”. As much as I want to believe Tom in this one, knowing that he’s trying to hype this massive gathering of Marvel’s greatest heroes, I’d like to one-up Tom on the fact that there isn’t a day in the Marvel Universe worse than having your actual universe being broken apart at its very core.

Marvel has become boring during its Civil War II storyline, and as a long-time fan of the universe, I hope Secret Empire invigorates the universe that the Civil War II put to coma. It’s not as much as it’s in a near-death state as it is weak. Marvel’s main storyline has been so weak because they can’t decide on what to do with their superheroes. They’ve revamped pretty much all the important heroes in their lineup, killed some important ones and rewired the most solid character in the Marvel Universe, all for the purpose of a frustrating story that leads up to this.

I’m expecting a lot from Secret Empire. All the preparation that Hydra Captain America has done needs to go somewhere, and I’m expecting chaos. A chitauri invasion, Hydra attacks on all fronts, a world shielded from any outside interference, which puts anyone outside the Earth’s atmosphere like Alpha Flight and cosmics out of the picture… I want a full on street battle where the world is destroyed and the heroes finally find their purpose again: that being united in a last stand against the forces of evil. With this important storyline, I’m expecting quite a few deaths. Steve Rogers is the first on my list, considering he’s the new ultimate Hydra because of the BS move that Red Skull pulled off and the prediction that Ulysses had. I would want to speculate, but there’s a time and place for everything. We might as well talk about it in the coming months once the bi-monthly release goes out for Secret Empire.