When the land of the land of the free and home of the brave is under the threat of a secret organization hell bent on making sure they take it, who are you calling? U.S.Avengers are your main bet to stop the bad guys from invading the beautiful America! With the newly formed Avengers of the rebooted Advanced Idea Mechanics – now American Intelligence Mechanics (AIM), we will see the funniest, most glaringly over-competent clowns Marvel has ever given.

U.S.Avengers drops us in present day Coast of California, where Roberto Da Costa, the original mutant Sunspot and now the new Citizen V, has AIM working to fight off a, I kid you not, floating volcano island invasion of America by the Secret Empire. One by one, the new members are shown taking interviews for the team on why they’re there and what they can do.usavengers-v1-insert

We’re the introduced to its quirky lineup of overly competent misfits – new Iron Patriot Toni Ho, Enigma (Aiku Jokinnen) – a former Ex Nihilo brainwashed human-alien armor, “glorified air taxi” and New mutant member Cannonball, Squirrel Girl and crazy badass General Robert Maverick aka the Red Hulk. As an added bonus, we are given a time displaced Danielle Cage, now the new Captain America.

With this mish-mash team fighting an interdimensional supervillain in persona of the Golden Skull, we are in for a treat in this new Marvel offering. I can’t say this enough: this has been the most entertained I’ve been with a comic in the past 6 months or so. The comedy is gold and just knowing that these guys are there to save the day gives me the heebie jeebies. They’re excellent superheroes who are damn well dysfunctional and to see them work like clockwork is fascinating.


They’ve written them all to be very useful amidst crises but somehow I can see how wild each frame is, suggesting there is more to them than just boring members of another superhero team. I’m looking forward to what the plot playing around with their personal egos, especially with Bobby Da Costa leading the team a la Saints Row President. Each of them is unpredictable and crazy alone and a bunch of loonies in a weird wild ride together, but I enjoy the banter and the saving the day stuff so that’s enough to get me going.

Reading U.S.Avengers felt like a 100 foot drop on a roller coaster ride with 5 loops and the seatbelt’s loose. It’s dangerous, it’s hair-raisingly enjoyable and I might die with a big smile in the process. This is what I’ve always wanted from Marvel: a good story, a good plot with endearing characters that you just want to push down a cliff because they make you a happy camper. This is a genuine keeper and I’ll be looking over its progress in the coming months. It may be a zero on the grittiness scale compared to other comic offerings (I’m looking at you Captain America: Steve Rogers) but I will admit that this story’s a funny legend in the making that got me shouting “Murica!”.