The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been breaking ground lately, announcing Deadpool 2, the casting of Inhumans and a strong buzz with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The DC Extended Universe however, save for a rumored Green Lantern added to their future movies, has been… nondescript to say the least. I have no more expectations of the MCU, considering that they have been ahead in the movie race over the last decade, and possibly the next half more. DCEU however? I just want them to get their act together.

The DC Extended Universe has been utter chaos. The fans have been waiting for something good from them for a long time now, and they haven’t shown promise in quality or stability. All the news around DC movies has been nothing but bleak, with the exception of their minor Oscar win that, in my opinion, is deserved by the staff but not the movie. Gripes about who will direct, who will act and who will lead the movies have been questionable.


As far as the audience and critics are concerned, DC is yet to have a good showing in any of their movies. Batman v Superman had a horrible, contrived plot that was neither enjoyable to watch nor smart enough to warrant the gloomy atmosphere. Suicide Squad is a waste of high quality talent, with very bad writing and worse directing. DC is a morose universe filled with grim and depressive tones that it’s hard to enjoy it at all.

DC’s promise of Wonder Woman being “fun” and “optimistic” is a start, but for DC to need to promise that to begin with speaks how despondent the perception has been. I want DC to thrive and find their groove, considering that their heroes are fictionally superior in value compared to Marvel. Though half of their heroes are the flying brick models, the rogues gallery of heroes including Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern have been the most colorful and exceptional in the entire comic book universes of both companies, with Marvel only having Captain America and Spiderman’s rogues gallery classifiable as interesting. The failure of DC to capitalize on this advantage is obvious. Bar the Nolan Batman, none of the great villain rosters of the other heroes are even one bit notable in the movies.


The creators of the world’s greatest superheroes are being mediocre, and their archrival, Marvel, has been doing everything right with their properties. While DC is trying to get their work together, their competitor is closing out the strings of their universe, sewn delicately with only a few bumps in the way that they ironed out eventually. I want to see Aquaman and Flash and eventually a big universe of Lanterns and Justice League Unlimited and Thanagarians and mystics and Justice League Dark for DC. I’m craving for something crunchy… something with meat in the bones and not just soup stock. I’m waiting to give it their best shot because, if this is everything that DC can do for its movie properties, then we all know it isn’t good enough.