Awesome…  that’s all I can say.  Mickey Rourke is an excellent Whiplash, there’s War Machine, there’s the suitcase armour, there’s the new suit with triangular chest piece, there’s an army of drone robots gunning for Iron Man and there’s a drunk Tony Stark in armour playing clay pigeon with house hold items at a party and we get to see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury once again setting the stage for an Avengers movie…   This movie had it all for keeping this little comic geek happy 🙂

I was only a casual reader of  The Avengers in my comic collecting days (yes, remember I was an X-drone, JLA and Image comics junkie), but what I do like about the Avengers is there has been so many incarnations of the group it leaves it open slather to who could end up on The Avengers movie’s roster.  We could easily end up with a Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, Black Widow line up, which if done right would be an awesome movie.   But then again I’m a lot more forgiving of comic movies straying from the source material, i.e. the comics.  Even as a massive X-Geek for most of my teens and early 20s I still had no issue with the changes they made in the X-Men movies, unlike many of my X-peers and this coming from someone with over thirteen hundred X-titled comics stored in custom built set of draws (which also hold my 700+ Image issues and 200+ DC issues).

Ah, where are my manners, this is an Iron Man 2 movie post, aah but I did warn you on the home page that I am prone to waffling on  🙂

Iron Man 2 is a great movie for any comic book fan, action movie fan or big kid at heart, so go see it on the big screen, you’ll be glad you did.   With the current trend in movies at the moment, let us all hope Iron Man 3 is NOT Iron Man 3D *shiver*

Did I mention how much I loved the suitcase armour and Whiplash and War Machine?  Well I did  🙂

Hmmm all this talk about the movie makes me want to go out and watch it again, so see you at the cinemas…

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