Suicide Squad has won an Oscar – in something that I would like to call a least common denominator case. Sure the award was best makeup and hairstyle and this will be typically asinine for fans, if not for the fact that Suicide Squad was a complete trash even in the makeup and styling department in the simplest, most casual opinion as possible. The movie winning against the likes Star Trek Beyond is at least weird and at most a hullabaloo.

Let’s admit one thing, Suicide Squad has been an utter disappointment and totally unlike its comic book source. The story is disjointed, trashy and is an insult to the supremely talented actors that it has wasted throughout the movie. Its story is a cluster-eff and I personally watched the movie at least 4 to 5 times, only to be confused each time about the plot. It doesn’t help that the cinematic theme of its visuals are the worse I’ve seen in years.


To give Suicide Squad the benefit of the doubt, the guys who did the makeup and hairstyle have a good track record behind them, namely Alessandro Bertolazzi of Skyfall and Fury fame, Giorgio Gregorini from Troy, Kingdom of Heaven and Avengers: Age of Ultron and Christopher Nelson that boasts Kill Bill, Sin City, Thor: The Dark World and Deadpool under his belt. In any other movie, it’s easy to accept that these guys can win the Oscar and nobody would bat an eye. Suicide Squad is different.

The interpretation of Suicide Squad’s characters is gritty and dark, in contrast to their makeup and hairstyle that is colorful and eye-catching, a further contrast to the shades of black in the background. The team tried to interpret the characters according to the specs and general theme of the story and the team’s skill is beyond commendable. It is fantastic. The movie was, however, atrocious from the beginning. The theme itself sucked, and by extension the character design and story. The whole design was questionable to begin with, and having the Enchantress as a rogue global threat level mystic, the Joker and Harley as trailer trash and Captain Boomerang as a greasy weirdo told me how bad the movie was.


I cannot really fault the makeup and hairstyle team for the failings of Suicide Squad and in their own right, maybe the people themselves are skilled enough to deserve an Oscar; not for this movie though. The movie is so atrocious, so epic of a failure plot-wise and so chaotic that the theming does not deserve a win, especially over Star Trek Beyond’s crisp makeup and hairstyle. The guys did their job and magnanimously at that. It was just a bad movie altogether that however good the team was didn’t matter. It’s all trash. Suicide Squad is a waste of talent.