The weekend has been rife with nerd stuff that I set aside my book review of my favorite sci-fi comedy author for a quick foray into a bag of pickings that I want to share with you. I’ve got us some hope about Firefly and a possible remake, a sprinkle of the new Pacific Rim here and there, and Marvel dropping the entire BS Axel Alonso has been trying to feed down our throats.

Firefly May Come Back on One Condition


Fox’s President of Entertainment David Madden has confirmed that he’s open to a reboot of our favorite live-action space cowboy adventure Firefly, which everyone has been clamoring about for a decade and a half now. Madden, however, has one condition: Joss Whedon has to be up for it.

“Given the success of Fox’s reboots of The X-Files and 24, and Prison Break returning this year, Madden said he’d be open to a Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon himself wanted to revisit it,” said Rotten Tomatoes in their piece after attending the TV Critics Association 2017 conference. “Madden suspects Whedon is now too busy with movies, and he would not consider doing Firefly without Whedon.”

Here’s the thing though: Joss Whedon is not in-charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now, passing that to the Russo Brothers. As much as the Firefly nerd in me hope that Joss is in this now, and let’s assume he is, he’ll have a hard time getting the old guard back. Nathan Fillion is swimming in his Castle money and is easier to catch nowadays, but everybody else is busy in their own shows.  Gina Torres is doing Suits and Westworld while Alan Tudyk’s Wash is dead. The beautiful Ron Glass has passed away; Morena Baccarin is James Gordon’s girlfriend in Gotham, Adam Baldwin is everywhere, Summer Glau’s almost everywhere as well and Sean Maher is Nightwing.

Are we going to get a Firefly? I hope so, but most likely a reboot. Nathan Fillion’s going to give away Serenity or he’s dying on the first few episodes. We don’t know. We can only wish to remove this from the nerd box of old things we want.

First Look into Pacific Rim: Uprising

I love Pacific Rim. The nerd in me wants my giant mechs fighting kaiju and I’m only beyond thankful that Guillermo Del Toro made this franchise. To whet our palates, there are some promotional artworks for the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising in Feb 2018.


The guy in the middle is reportedly a rebooted Gypsy Danger, called Gypsy Avenger. The two other guys are unknowns but basing from the recent one, the red unit that looks like EVA-02 may be from China since they prefer light, mobile units and the big beige one would fit Russia’s slow and big jaegers. They look totally sleek and Japanese with a lot of Evangelion influences in the body. This is pure nerd hype!

Marvel to Drop All the Bad Stuff We Don’t Like

Ladies, gentlemen, people of all ages who even classifies as a nerd, Marvel is rumored to be ready to go back to the original Marvel we loved. According to a report by Bleeding Cool, Marvel Comics held a creative summit, where they concluded that they rather please the fans instead of feeding us the trash political angles, character reboots.


As per the report, Marvel plans on rebooting the whole universe to bring back classic superhero icons we know and love. It mentions Marvel Comics will “[bring] back the X-Men line with a bang, to expect a return to more of a status quo for titles such as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and more.” That’s right my fellow nerd! No more politically correct BS playing around. It looks like they heard our complaints. Axel Alonso is backpedalling on a full decade’s worth of wasting Nova, Wolverine and just changing characters out of nowhere. Expect everything to be better for the nerd fandom after Secret Empire!