[NOTE: This is am opinion piece. If Netflix wishes to refute any statements contained herein the author will gladly revise the article to reflect their response. Thank You]

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that I love about Netflix is that it allows me to rewatch favorite shows, as well as discover new shows.
Many of the new shows that I’ve discovered were as a result of recommendations made based on shows that I’ve already viewed.
I dread Netflix cut time as much as any other Netflix fan does.
Earlier this week Netflix released it’s list of shows that were being removed on February 1st.
Most of their British programming is being removed, most notably being Doctor Who.

This announcement is causing internet rage in all of the geek forums.
I’m one of the people raging as well.
I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was a kid.
Thanks to Netflix, it’s been easy to share Doctor Who with my daughter, nieces, and nephew.
(Their favorite episode is Blink, scares them every time)
Doctor Who is not only one of the longest running shows on TV, but it’s also one of the most popular.
It’s fanbase grows rapidly every day.
Considering how popular the shows is, it makes one wonder why Netflix wants to piss off so many of its loyal viewers.

Personally, I think that Netflix is making some play over contracts for multiple viewing regions.
BBC has contracts for its shows under different viewing regions via Netflix.
Netflix UK will still be carrying the British shows.
Could Netflix be attempting to strongarm BBC into signing a contract for global viewing rather than contracts for individual regions?
They might be makinbg a grab for more cash as well for the US contracts.
Considering how BBCA ratings in the US continuously grow, this seems viable.
So, Netflix makes this play of theirs, and the ones that really get hurt are the customers.
All for corporate greed.
What the hell ever happened to Customer Service?

However, Netflix does still have the opportunity to renew their BBC contracts and keep feeding us Yanks our favorite shows from across the pond.
The best way to make that happen is to let Netflix know how angry you are.
People need to speak out.
Share this article, every time that you do, hashtag it with #SaveDoctorWhoOnNetflix

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