Inhumans, funny enough, is one of the biggest Marvel comic books that have not had any type of mainstream notice for decades until, considering that the property is popular to many comic book fans new and old. Now that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is planning to add Game of Thrones mega-bastard and nearly typecasted star Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad, I’m very optimistic on how Inhumans will be accepted by the general audience once it airs.

For the uninitiated, the plot of Inhumans revolves around a race of humans that have evolved abilities after being tampered with by the alien Kree by genetically tampering with the then flourishing homo sapiens species of a young Earth amidst the Kree-Skrull war millions of years ago. The Kree have succeeded, creating humans with superhuman abilities but were immediately abandoned once a genetic prediction informed them that the Inhumans will destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence. The Inhumans then formed an isolated society in the form of Attilan.


With the inherently rigid system of the culture of Inhumans and the society of Attilan as a whole, Iwan Rheon is the perfect Maximus the Mad. Maximus is a treacherous member of the royal family and brother of Black Bolt – the king of Inhumans. Iwan’s ability to act is second to none and is arguably the one of the best actors in the entirety of the Game of Thrones. A lesser role that he’s noticed on was his portrayal of Simon Bellamy in the superhero fantasy tv show Misfits. As Simon Bellamy, Iwan was able to show himself as a charming, sympathetic hero who is plagued by mental turmoils.

Maximus, funnily enough, is another crazy traitorous bastard who is willing to stab whoever’s on the throne in the back, albeit with varying successes. I’m sorry that Iwan Rheon is starting to be typecasted as the “crazy guy”. He is expected to take on a young Adolf Hitler in an upcoming movie; he is perfect for Maximus, however. He is the only villain charming enough but can portray a character crazy enough to not become annoyingly cute like how Tom Hiddleston did Loki.


Maximus is a smart, cunning character who has genius-level intellect. He is not a god but his genius is unbelievable. He is among the villains I truly like among Marvel’s entire rogues gallery, together with Captain America’s Advanced Idea Mechanics and Fantastic Four’s Doctor Doom. He is a foil to the ever enduring, ever liked Black Bolt and his scheming is elaborate enough to topple the monarchy every time.

The emerging Inhumans franchise is something I’ll closely follow and I’m expecting a crazy story ahead, bringing the property closer to the casual audience while letting long-time fans like myself to enjoy its live-action
scenario. Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad will give color in the very complicated society of Attilan and the Inhumans. I’m nothing short of stoked to hear this news, considering that I’ve tolerated Misfits just because Iwan was there and his smart acting lifted an entire franchise upon his shoulders.