So since the update I’m sure some of you have noticed some differences. I’d like to share some I’ve come across and my thoughts on them.

Pokemon are harder to catch. A user that looked into the Niantic api claims that they dropped the capture rate on Pokemon by 30%.

In addition to dropping the capture rate, they’ve taken away capture increases like curve balls and getting a “Great”, or “Excellent” on your throws. Instead they only boost your exp. But they no longer help capture chances.

They’ve totally taken away the tracking. The nearby feature is inaccurate. And they’ve shutdown tacking sites. Which makes it very difficult to find Pokemon to catch in the 1st place.

Players have complained about Pokestops not giving them items or pokeballs when spun. But instead giving a “Try Again” message.

These things together will make players have to buy more pokeballs, due to using more balls to catch Pokemon and due to limited refills at Pokestops. It will also force players to purchase lures and incense to gather Pokemon to catch. Due to the lack of being able to track them down.

Is this a monetization scheme? Am I just looking into this too much? Holla at me.