So I’ve just recently started reading Spiderman (1 month ago) and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4 Issues 1 & 2, part of the the all-new all-different Marvel 616 Universe, so much I went out and got the entire Volume 3 series (18 issues) and after skimming them I wanted to know more so I ordered a shipment of Superior Spider-Man! 😀

I feel I have all the modern Spiderman comics now, plus Amazing Spider-Man volumes 1 & 2 looks way too expensive to collect.

So this I’m lead to believe is a nastier Spider-Man then usual as he has the mind of Doc Ock, or at least a mixed mind of Peter Parker and Doc Ock…. haven’t read it, so not totally sure yet.

I just LOVE these:

superior spider man 8 legs

He finally has 8 limbs and the extra 4 are COOL!! Maybe it’s just me, but I love them. Can’t wait to see them in action when I fully read the comics.

The suit, the colours, the darker looking stories…. looks great.

And then I move onto this, happier return to Peter Parker times:

spiderman volume 3 issue 1

Looks to be a great ride… can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll make Arekey proud 😉