A bit late on posting this weeks stash, but I was in hospital when they arrived. Don’t worry, all well now.

So what do we have for that week:

Earth 2 Society #3

Inhumans Attilan Rising #004

Years of Future Past #004

A-Force #003


A Force reveals a traitor….

Earth 2 Society explores Lois’s new “state of being”….

And I haven’t read Attilan Rising and Future past yet

Why not you ask, cause I have other things to do that’s why….. so NAaa 😛 😛 😛

Plus I wanted to post this now before I started on new pile.

Also note, there is no Thurs 20-8-15 stash as there was a shipping issue with my local comic store’s shipment and I won’t get this weeks comics until next week :/

So will hopefully be a nice full week.

Catch ya then